Küldjön levelet

Whenever I have the opportunity I exhibit my works or just visit the exhibitions organized by the Hungarian Instrument Makers’ Association, the InternationalOld Music Exhibition in Vienna, the Cremona Triennial and the Frankfurt Instrument Fair. Even when just visiting, I can collect a lot of new information that later I can use in my everyday work to benefit my clients.

My workshop is located at Síp u. 14 in Baja, Hungary.

If your instrument needs professional help or if you need a new bow or even a new instrument, please visit me at the address above or give me a call.


My phone number:

(06 30) 279-1197


You are welcome to ask for professional advice or a price offer by e-mail. (It may take a few days but I will definitely write back to you.)


My e-mail address: maestro@lakatoslaszlo.hu


I extend my warm and respectful invitation to all my existing and future clients.