Küldjön levelet




I have always liked to approach issues from all possible angles and find new and even more perfect solutions. This outlook pervades my professional philosophy as well.

I am among those few whose hobby is their work. I therefore undertake to make, repair and restore various kinds of instruments and bows and I always face new challenges with a positive attitude.

I like to work as fast as possible but without sacrificing quality.

I build and restore classic violins and altos as well as build customized and special instruments as requested by my clients. My business profile includes the following major activities:


Making and restoration of Baroque bow and jack instruments: gamba, Baroque violin (building and reconstruction), Baroque cello (building and reconstruction), fidule, rebec, pochette, etc.
Making Baroque and Renaissance bows for gambas, violins, altos, cellos and other instruments based on individual needs.


Below are photos of some of my own pieces of work: