Küldjön levelet



I make and, whenever needed, repair instruments for several renowned musicians, many of whom have become my dear friends. I therefore would like to introduce them here.


I make and repair violinist Zoltán Lantos’s instruments. Thanks to a scholarship, Zoltán studied playing the violin for almost ten years in India. After his return to Hungary, he has played with Hungarian of jazz and folk musicians in various formations. His instruments: violins, 5-string violin, resonating stringed violins, Tibetan “singing” pots and bells.

Violinist Félix Lajkó has also chosen me as his instrument maker. He was only twenty-three when he traveled and conquered half the world from his tiny village in the region of Voivodina. His style combines folk and classical music, jazz and blues in a virtuosic style.
Visit Felix’s website.

I also repair the instruments of Gábor Juhász, a jazz guitarist playing on acoustic guitars and winner of the “Jazz Musician of the Year” award in 2002. While preserving his identity, he has become a world musician performing with Indian artists as well.

Nikola Parov was born in Sophia, Bulgaria, where he first started to play mandolin at the age of six. When he was ten he continued on piano and cello. Shortly thereafter he moved to Budapest where now he cultivates the folk music heritage of the Balkans with the band Zsarátnok. I also make and repair his cellos. Click here for Nikola’s website!

Omar Bashir, an “ud” (Arabic cittern) musician also brings his instrument for repair to me. He was born in Budapest in 1970 and was only five when he started playing the ud with his father, Munir Bashir, an Iraqi musician, who pioneered in popularizing the ud as a solo instrument in the West. Click here for Omar Bashir’s website!


I also need to remember Iván Barvics, member of the band Tatros, who plays the lute and the tambourine. I made some of his jack-stringed instruments. Violinist Kevin Shopland uses my Baroque bows. István Nagy, a violin teacher living in Switzerland also uses my bows at his concerts and in his teaching.

My Baroque bows have gotten as far as the Music Academy of London, where they are still being used.