Violin and viola

I have always liked to approach things from different perspectives, seeing them in different light, and of course, finding more perfect solutions. This view of life has prevailed in making instruments as well.

I make and repair a lot of different kinds of instruments and bows, and I'm always delighted to face new challenges.

I strive to work quickly, but not to the detriment of quality.

I make and restore classic violins and violas or build special instruments based on individual requests:

- make, repair and restore modern violins and violas

- make and restore baroque violins and violas

- make smaller baroque string instruments (fiddle, rebek, pochet)

- make renaissance and baroque bows


What makes a good violin good

An instrument maker strives to make the best violin of his life, to achieve the best sound. He has to harmonize thousands of minute factors, solve equations that have thousand of different unknown variables that constantly change (wood, width, quality of wood and varnish, shape, etc.). It looks impossible at first sight, but this is where mystery comes forth, and the master starts to revivify, reincarnate that perished piece of wood meant for the violin yet again.