I have been making and repairing the instruments and the bows of a number of well-known musicians whenever necessary. Some of them have become good friends, and so I would like to introduce them to you.

I make and repair the violins for my violinist friend, Zoltán Lantos. He has learnt to play the violin for almost ten years in India. After returning home, he has been playing with Hungarian jazz- and folk musicians in different bands. His instruments: violins, violin with 5 strings, violins with resonating strings, Tibetan singing bowls and bells. >>>
I make and repair the violins for the violinist, Félix Lajkó too. He had travelled and conquered the world at the age of twenty-three from a tiny village from Vojvodina, Serbia. In his virtuoso music he connects folk with classical, jazz with blues. >>>
I also make and repair the instruments of guitar player, Gábor Juhász. He is a jazz guitarist, plays classical guitar, in 2002 he won the award of 'The Jazz Player of the Year'. Keeping his identity Gábor Juhász is an active member of world-music stage, has performed with Indian musicians too. >>>
Nikola Parov was born in Bulgaria, Sofia, first played music at the age of six, the mandolin. Started to play the piano and the cello at the age of ten. Soon after this he moved to Budapest. Together with Zsarátnok band they cultivate Balkan folk traditions.  I make and repair his cellos. >>>
Omar Bashir, oud virtuoso, brings his instruments to repair to me. He was born in 1970 in Budapest and started to play the oud at the age of five with the help of his father, Munir Bashir, Iraqi musician, who was the pioneer of popularizing oud as a solo instrument in the West.

I also have to mention Iván Barvics, the member of Tatros band, who plays the lute and the tambura. I made some of his plucked string instruments. Violinist Kevin Shopland also plays with baroque bows made by me. István Nagy, violin teacher living in Switzerland also uses my baroque bows. He plays and teaches with them.

My baroque bows have reached the Royal Academy of Music in London where they have been widely used.