Küldjön levelet



I was born in Subotica (Yugoslavia) in 1962 in a family of musicians and craftsmen. I grew up among instruments and music that had a decisive impact on my future career. After various digressions such as completing and teacher’s training college and educating small children for a few years, I finally returned to building instruments.

The smell of saw-cut pinewood first enchanted me in the workshop of master Lajos Dudás. He watched me take the first wobbly steps of the trade. Then I embarked on an international journey during which I visited numerous shops and learned the tricks of the trade.

An unfortunate historical event drove me to Hungary, my current place of residence. First I worked with the wonderful people at Accord Music LLC., then independently in Tibor Semmelweis’s workshop. I passed the master instrument maker exam in Budapest in 1998. I am a member of the Hungarian Instrument Makers’ Association. Nowadays I regularly have students, whom I teach for the tricks of the trade with great joy.

Since my interest has always had many traits, I would not call myself only a violin builder but rather an instrument maker. I welcome new challenges and like to discover untrodden paths. In addition to violins, altos and unique guitars, I also make and repair bows.

I am particularly interested in Baroque music and contemporary instruments. I build and repair instruments as part of a never-ending learning process and also present my creations at professional exhibitions. In my free time I practice archery and seek that sound we all long for.